Dental Hygienist Job Description

Dental Hygienist Job Description

The interest in dental hygiene as a career is growing due to the increasing number of employment opportunities and the increasing pay. You should certainly go through a dental hygienist job description before you decide on this career. After all, not only the job security and the remuneration are important. You need to have genuine interest in your profession and enjoy the work.

The main task of dental hygienists is to provide preventive dental care to patients visiting the offices of dentists. They perform various kinds of treatments and examinations. Tartar removal is one of the major duties of these dental professionals. They apply protective substances to the teeth so that cavities and diseases are prevented. They examine patients for gingivitis. They provide education on oral hygiene. Showing patients how to brush their teeth and how to floss is part of the job.

Modern dentists prefer to focus on more complex treatment and cosmetic procedures. That is why the number of duties in the dental hygienist job description is growing. In some states, hygienists are allowed to apply periodontal dressings and to place and carve temporary fillings and filling materials. You may perform diagnostic procedures on the job as well. The main one is x-ray taking and development. Often, hygienists are responsible for keeping track of patient treatment plans and of patient records.

This is the general dental hygienist job description. The logical question to ask next is: how much do dental hygienists make? The mean annual salary for this occupation is $69,760. Most professionals work in the offices of dentists and in this industry the mean annual remuneration for this occupation is $70,070.

The professionals that are in the group of the lower 10 per cent of earners make $46,020 per year on average. Those who belong to the top 10 per cent of earners have a mean yearly salary of $94,850. The state with highest remuneration at present is California with mean annual pay of $91,010 followed by the District of Columbia, Washington, Nevada and Alaska.

If you are happy with the dental hygienist job description and pay, you will be even happier to learn that dental hygienist jobs are abundantly available and are expected to increase by 38 per cent by 2020. Currently, California, Texas, Florida, New York and Michigan offer the highest number of jobs. Graduates from dental hygienist schools need to earn a license in order to qualify for vacant positions. Only those who have completed programs at accredited dental schools are eligible for obtaining a license.

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