Dental Hygienist Salaries

Dental Hygienist Salaries

Dental hygienist salaries differ from state to state. The area that you are working in will be the deciding factor for the wages that you will receive. Those in the twenty fifth percentile made on average $54,664.00 per year according to a recent poll. Salary ranged anywhere from $47,000 – $77,000 per year. Dental hygienist salaries will vary but most likely will never drop below 40,000 dollars per year.

Dental hygienist jobs have a very positive outlook. Dental hygienist jobs are expected to rise faster than average all the way through 2014. The job outlook is plentiful and hygienists are in high demand. A dental hygienist job is to prevent oral health issues and disease in patients. This is one of the fastest growing jobs in the country. A dental hygienist must explain proper oral health like brushing and flossing. Also a dental hygienist will make recommendations on cleanings. A dental hygienist will preform x-rays and apply solvents as well.

There are many accredited programs that offer training for dental hygienists. Dental hygienist schools can be found in almost every state. You can find programs that are vocational based or programs that are based in the liberal arts. Most programs take at least two years to complete. Dental hygienist schools require that each student who successfully completes the two year curriculum must also pass a clinical examination before they can receive license to practice.

Dental assistant salary is on the rise because assistants are in high demand. The salary is competitive and along with a great dental assistant salary you may also receive amazing benefits. You can earn more money in this vocational training program than in most others and it is a rewarding career.

As any medical assistant will tell you the job is tough but it is especially rewarding. A medical assistant is a huge part of a working team that would not work without them. Along side a licensed practitioner you help secure the health of patients. You create life long relationship and memories and you will forever have a career when you earn a degree as a dental hygienist.

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