Dental Hygienist Schools In Arkansas

Dental Hygienists schools in Arkansas. If you are someone who is interested in finding a hygienist school in Arkansas, you are in the right place. The University of Arkansas for medical sciences enrolls around 2600 students and offers Doctorate and Professional degrees.

The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith enrolls about 6600 and offers bachelor degrees.

The average salaries for dental hygienists in the 4 major cities in Arkansas.

Jonesboro $58,000 per year
Little Rock $57,900 per year
Hot Springs $62,700 per year
Fayetteville $63,550 per year

If you do not live in any of the areas above, you can always go to school online. The list of schools one can choose from are lengthy. Be sure to search our database of online schools and choose the one that fits your schedule and lifestyle best. Here on, you can request information from those particular schools that you feel would work best for you. Here are a few that are in Arkansas and that could fit your location.

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