Dental Hygienist Schools In Maine

Dental hygienist schools in Maine offer a variety of programs for individuals interested in promoting oral health and preventing disease. Individuals attend dental hygienist schools to earn a dental assisting certificate, an Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene or a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.

Dental assisting schools serve as an entryway to the dental profession. Most programs at dental assisting schools provide a broad background in biological science and humanities to introduce students to dental theory and practice. Students typically learn the skills necessary to work alongside the dentist and conduct business in a medical office setting. Students learn about dental radiography, oral health and office procedures.

The Associate of Science degree in dental hygiene provides students with an understanding of instrumentation and patient assessment. Students learn to administer anesthesia and apply fluoride and sealant.

Dental hygienist schools that offer a Bachelor of Science are designed for individuals who wish to become licensed practitioners in non-surgical periodontal therapies. The Bachelor of Science provides more advanced courses designed to strengthen an individual’s professional and general studies for a more well-rounded education. The Bachelor of Science curriculum prepares individuals to work in a wider variety of settings, such as education, public health and research.

There are two dental hygienist schools in Maine. The University of Maine at Augusta offers both a bachelor’s and an associate’s in dental hygiene as well as a Certificate of Dental Assisting. The University of New England offers a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene and a degree completion program in dental hygiene.

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