Dental Hygienist Schools in North Carolina

Dental hygienist schools in North Carolina are training graduates who will enter a quickly growing field. The need for dental hygienists is expected to rise as young dentists begin practice and hire one or more hygienists for assistance. Advances in dental technology mean that patients can keep their teeth for longer, meaning more hygienists are needed.

Dental hygiene schools require a high school diploma and entrance tests. Aspiring dental hygienists should understand biology and chemistry. At some schools, applicants must complete one year of regular college studies before admittance. Entrance requirements vary at each of the dental hygiene schools in North Carolina.
Before graduating, students study numerous sciences, including anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, and radiography. Specific dental fields that are studied include periodontology, clinical dental hygiene, and dental technology. Dental hygiene schools offer clinical and classroom studies. After graduation, students must pass a written and clinical exam to receive state licensure, which is required to practice.

Most students start by earning an associate’s degree and going into dental practice. The average dental hygienist salary for hygienists with a two-year degree is over $50,000 per year. With a bachelor’s or master’s in a related field, hygienists can go into teaching or research and earn even more. Some hygienists prefer to work part-time. These clinicians will receive less pay than the average dental hygienist salary, but many are happy with their work-life balance.

Attending dental hygienist school in North Carolina allows students to enjoy one of the best careers for those who need a flexible position. Many dental hygienists work only a few days a week, choose their own hours, and earn a respectable salary. As baby boomers age and the demand for dental services increases, hygienists will gain even more control over their work experiences.

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